Urban Water Agenda


Why an Urban Water Agenda 2030?

"Water is a crucial resource for human life. Therefore, protecting and restoring the quality of water must be a top priority for cities. Water scarcity, floods as well as pollution are part of a reality that cities face. UWA2030 is a bold initiative that will allow cities to be better involved in the implementation of water policy, defining their key role in achieving the objectives of the WFD, as well as facilitating the exchange of good practices in overcoming the challenges that we all face. The City of Timisoara is profoundly committed to the goals of the UWA2030 and is eager to work in the implementation of the strategy."

Nicolae Robu, Mayor of Timisoara

Timisoara at work

The main ongoing water management project in the City of Timisoara is the Hydraulic modelling of the city´s sewer network, which includes measures for better coping with increasing floods (construction of retention tanks and overflows , optimisation of the collectors)

Interested in finding out more? Contact the  Operations and Development Director of AQUATIM S.A, Mr. Gheorghe Stinean (e-mail:gheorghe.stinea[at]aquatim.ro ).

Graphic representation of the hydraulic modelling of the sewer system of the City of Timisoara

Copenhagen's  member of the UWA2030 Core Group

Culita Chis (Director of the Utilities Department, City Hall of Timisoara Municipality)

Culita Chis has ten years of experience in the management of public services and utilities. He has been working at the Municipality of Timisoara since January 1998, first as a specialist inspector in the Transport Bureau, and then - as of 2007 -  as the Director of utilities.


Quick facts on Timisoara

Location within country

Timisoara is located in the western part of Romania within the Bega-Timis-Caras hydrographic basin. The Bega river crosses the city from East to West.

Number of inhabitants

319,279 (2011)

Main economic sectors

- Service sector
- Industry sector (Automotive, Electronics and Electrotechnics, Software)
- Construction sector

Source/s of water supply

Surface water from the Bega river (70%) as well as  groundwater (30%).

Main utilities providing water and waste water services

AQUATIM S.A. Timisoara



Updated: September 2017