Urban Water Agenda


Why an Urban Water Agenda 2030?

"One of the most relevant vulnerabilities of Murcia Municipality in the area of climate change is water scarcity and drought. This problem has forced Murcia City Council, private companies and even agriculture to develop and invest in high technological systems to get the most out of the available water. But this is not enough due to structural drought, and new actions should be taken at city level to avoid future water restrictions for Murcia citizens."

Antonio Navarro Corchon, Deputy Mayor of the Environmental Area of Murcia City Council

Murcia at work | Minimizing the water leakages

After developing the District Metering Areas (DMAs) of  the water distribution network and having reduced the leakage rate, Aguas de Murcia needed to utilize the possibilities of this methodology. Large DMAs needed to be divided into smaller micro-districts. Each of these microdistricts is characterized by the input flow rate at night, when usually a minimum of customers’ water use is reached, thus indicating, in most cases, the possibility of leakage occurring and allowing the distribution staff to anticipate breakdowns.The system also has opening and closing valves that do not consume electricity because they operate based on the pressure difference between the pipes. This technology has been developed in the company and is patented, obtaining an international IWA award in 2010.In addition this pressure difference - when enough - is used to obtain hydraulic power through mini turbines. The main pipelines of supply to the municipality are turbinated and harnessed energetically.

Interest in finding out more? Contact the project leader Pilar Megía Rico (e-mail:pmegi[at]emuasa.es).

Large District Metering Area in which each micro-district is represented by a different colour

Murcia's UWA2030 member of the Core Group

Simón Nevado Santos (Technical Director)

Responsible for all operations: From fresh water catchment and drinking treatment, distribution of supply and sewage network, waste water treatment and  discharge of reclaimed water to the river again.


Quick facts on Murcia

Location within country

Murcia is the major city in south-eastern Spain, and the capital and most populous city of the Autonomous Community of the Region. Murcia is an inland municipality that is 890 km2 wide, located in the Segura basin, at 43m above sea level,

Number of inhabitants

439.889 (2015)

Main economic sectors

- Services: with 82% of companies belonging to the economic activity, 11 %  belonging to the construction sector, 6 % to industry and 1 % to agriculture.
- Agriculture: traditionally, Murcia has been known for his agricultural activity, and at present, Murcia exports fruits and vegetables all across Europe.

Source/s of water supply

30% of the water demand is covered by Segura´s river basin and 70% is covered by two other sources: transfer from other rivers and desalinated seawater.

Main utilities providing water and waste water services

Empresa Municipal de Aguas y Saneamiento de Murcia, S.A.

More information: www.murcia.es

Updated: September 2017