Urban Water Agenda


Why an Urban Water Agenda 2030?

"Integrated water management in major cities like Leeds is essential to enable economic and housing growth whilst protecting current and future generations from flood risk. Flood resilient green and blue infrastructure that allows the sustainable use of natural resources including water needs to be central to urban design.."

Judith Blake, Leader of the City Council

Leeds at work | Incorporating technology to fight flooding

Leeds City Council has led the delivery of an innovative flood alleviation scheme through the city centre. The use of moveable weir technology on two weirs and high quality linear defences have allowed a high standard of protection whilst enhancing the waterfront through the city centre. It has also incorporated a new footbridge connecting pedestrian and cycle ways through part of the city.

water@leeds (http://water.leeds.ac.uk/about-us/) is one of the largest interdisciplinary centres for water research in any university in the world.  Working alongside Leeds City Council to improve the region’s urban water, our leading academics help bring integrated solutions to global water challenges, for example via the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP: https://icasp.org.uk/)

Interested in finding out more? Contact the Flood Risk Manager, Jonathan Moxon (e-mail: Jonathan.moxon[a]leeds.gov.uk).

Leeds' flood alleviation system

Leeds' member of the UWA2030 Core Group

 Jonathan Moxon (Flood Risk Manager) and Christian Berretta (Academic Research Fellow)

Jonathan is a Flood Risk manager with a strategic overview of flood risk in the city. He is linked to strategic partnership with Water companies, Leeds Climate Commission and national flood risk networks.

Christian Berretta is a water@leeds Academic Research Fellow at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds. His work focuses on Water Sensitive Urban Design and his expertise is in urban stormwater management through nature-based solutions.


Quick facts on Leeds

Location within country

Located in the North of England in the Yorkshire and Humber region, Leeds is situated within both the Aire and Wharfe river catchments (forming part of the wider Ouse catchment). The city centre of Leeds sits on the River Aire and the rivers Calder and Wharfe also flow across the cities metropolitan boundary.

Number of inhabitants


Main economic sectors

- Financial and professional services

- Digital technology and data analytics

- Health innovation

- Advanced manufacturing

Source/s of water supply

Reservoirs via freshwater treatment works and a piped ‘Grid’ system

Main utilities providing water and waste water services

Yorkshire Water undertake both fresh and waste water services

More information: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/



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