Urban Water Agenda


Why an Urban Water Agenda 2030?

"Climate change is a huge challenge and demands our attention and actions now. At the same time it provides a good opportunity to add blue/green now to our cities."

Mary-Ann Schreurs , Vice Mayor of the City of Eindhoven

Eindhoven at work | Integrated Urban Management Plan

Eindhoven has an integrated urban water management plan (jointly made with utilities), that is now part of a Climate action plan. Here, Eindhoven brings ambitions and goals on health, sustainability, environment, green, water, mobility and public space together in a plan that shows its investments for the next years. It is a guideline for the Municipality, citizens, and all stakeholders.
Examples include: Replacing pavement by plants, (re)constructing watercourses and the creation of green retention areas.

Interested in finding out more? Contact the Climate Expert, L.Postmes (e-mail: l.postmes[at]eindhoven.nl)

Eindhoven's member of the UWA2030 Core Group

Frank van Swol (Head of programme and district management)

Frank has 20 years of working experience in different  positions within the urban water management area.


Quick facts on Eindhoven

Location within country

Eindhoven is located in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands. It is part of the Meuse river basin, and De Dommel is its main river. 

Number of inhabitants

227,000 (2017)

Main economic sectors

- Knowledge

- Technology 


Source/s of water supply

Groundwater is the source of drinking water supply

Main utilities providing water and waste water services

The municipality is responsible for the coordination of (integrated) urban water management,  sewage, rain water collection and storage.
The regional water board De Dommel is responsible for wastewater treatment, and surface water quality and quantity management.
Brabant Water is the company responsible for supplying drinking water.

More information: www.eindhoven.nl